• Research
    at the Visconti Studio

The Heritage and Future of Analogue Recording and Production

is a large-scale research project partnered with the British Library and the Science Museum. The project aims to document and preserve the legacy of the analogue era. Tapping into contemporary love of retro sounds, the Visconti Studio does not just revive objects but actively revives analogue practices. The project combines questions around cultural nostalgia, heritage studies, and material culture with the concrete musical practices of composition, recording, and production.

With our students and visiting artists, Tony Visconti and the Kingston researchers will

  • reverse engineer famous analogue tracks to understand and archive past practices
  • experiment with analogue technology to find out if and why analogue sounds really are “warmer” than digital ones
  • create new compositions with analogue technology to generate a “new analogue sound”

With our partners we will host network meetings of musicians, researchers, and heritage organisations. We will discuss questions pertaining to sonic heritage studies:

  • the history of analogue recording and production
  • the place of analogue practices in a digital world
  • the twin cultures of technostalgia and retrofuturism
  • preservation and archiving of sonic practices and objects
  • material and immaterial cultures of musical memory
  • the future of analogue recording and production

The Visconti Studio aims to create a rich and diverse archive of recordings, practices, instruments, technologies, listening testimonies, and scholarly reflection. This archive will be available online, in publications, through hands-on workshops, conferences and exhibits.