30th August 2016

The Grand Opening

  • Visconti Studio Launch,
    4 pm 19.09.2016

The opening of the Visconti Studio will be an exciting event during which students, musicians, and researchers celebrate Tony Visconti’s achievements in analogue recording and production. During the ceremony, Tony Visconti will receive an Honorary Doctorate and a Visiting Professorship from Kingston University London.

With a select group of undergraduate and postgraduate students, Tony will present his first recordings in our analogue studio: the pilot project that took place in early September 2016 with Kingston students and Mary Epworth.

The Visconti Studio team will present our research plans around the heritage and future of analogue recording. Our research partners of the Science Museum and the British Library will attend the event.

As our guest you will be able to celebrate Tony Visconti’s legacy with us and to share our love of analogue sound. You will be able see and hear our collection of analogue recording equipment and instruments.

If you are interested in attending please email Isabella van Elferen.