5th September 2016

Visconti Studio Winter School

The Visconti Studio team is developing short recording and production courses to be held in the studio. The first of these, The Visconti Studio Winter School, will take place in the week commencing 13th February 2017.

It will be a five-day intensive programme led by world-famous record producer Tony Visconti. This will be a specialist programme providing participants with a rare opportunity to work with Tony Visconti in Kingston University’s bespoke Visconti Studio.

Under the guidance of Tony Visconti, participants will record a track with an invited artist. Participants will engage in analogue recording techniques and practice, including operating and maintaining tape machines, microphone techniques, analogue multi-track recording, and mixing techniques. Full use will be made of our extensive analogue recording and mixing facilities, including use of our collection of vintage instruments, our large collection of microphones, and analogue outboard gear. A particular feature of the studio is the 300m2 octagonal live room, and participants will learn how to record effectively in this large acoustic space. At the end of the course, the two most successful students will be offered a coveted internship to work with Tony Visconti on his first EP project in the studio in May or June 2017.

Ten places will be available on the course. Information on fees, entry requirements, and further course details will be published later this year on this website and on the Visconti Studio Facebook page.