20th February 2019

Winter School 2019 DONE!

The Visconti Studio Winter School which took place last week was a truly amazing experience for all involved – whether musician, engineer, producer or researcher observing the event, everyone had a blast!

The week was an intense burst of creativity, with long, fruitful recording sessions and in just seven days, an entire album of original material was cut to 2″ tape! Clarter, although a new band, are formed from a trio of experienced musicians. Core members James Larter, Stuart Zender and Ollie Clarke were augmented by session players Ben Finlay, Alba AR, Christine Buras, Lotte Betts-Dean, Freddy Wordsworth, Joe Griffin and Justine Yu-Shi Bui, playing an assortment of guitars, basses, drums, tuned percussion and strings.

Our Winter School students and Kingston University music interns learnt so much from producer Chris Kimsey who brought his unique experience and skills to the sessions. Chris, who started his career at Olympic Studios, has worked with a huge list of legendary artists including The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Mott the Hoople, Marillion and BB King.

14 All 12 Teach Tapey 11 Tape join 10 Tape splice 7 Strings 6 Glok 6 D and G 5 CK teach 3 SZ bass 1 2

Photo credits: Ezzidin Alwan
Instagra: @e_z_z_i_d_i_n

A BIG Visconti Studio thank you to those who supported the event including Merrellene Middleton, Barbara Mendes, and especially to Rob Plummer and Ebby Acquah for their technical expertise.

Here’s to Winter School 2020 – who’s coming?