22nd January 2020

Blue Asian Dream b​/​w Sunshine


Artwork and layout by Caitlin Murphy.


Mastered by Acid Grass Records.

Blue Asian Dream

The aim for this track was to create a dreamlike experience through the music. We tuned the classical guitar using the gamelan instruments. Later we recorded a ruan to add more sonic textures to the track. During the climax of the song we added many vocals to create an all-encompassing sound.


  • Zuzanna Wężyk (vocals, guitar and gamelan)
  • Joffe Walters (backing vocals)
  • Zitong Zhan (ruan)
  • Arjun Patel (gamelan)

Mixed by Louis Peckham


Sunshine was written the morning after a night where I first realised what it felt like to feel safe again. The song represents the emotions of overcoming trust issues and regaining a strong sense of self to realise what it means to truly feel beautiful and see beauty again. No more crying, no more hurt, but instead an infinite amount of hope. I hope the song can make you feel safe as if you are wrapped in a blanket of the arms of the person you love.


  • Mikaela Krall (vocals, guitar and celeste)
    Will Steed (drums)
  • Ben Williams (bass)
  • Joffe Walters (backing vocals)

Mixed by Louis Peckham