30th January 2020

04​-33AM b​/​w DRON3S

cover 4.33 Drones

Artwork by Ben Williams and layout by Caitlin Murphy.


Mastered by Acid Grass Records.


04-33AM is the midpoint of a concept album about the breakdown of a dysfunctional relationship. It tells of an apologetic abuser writing a letter to his partner only to breakdown upon realising he can’t help but try to make excuses. Sonically the song was an attempt to emulate the sound of late 90’s- mid 00’s folk-punk and folk-alternative through use of layered Mellotron (as in AJJ’s Big Bird), fuzz bass (as in Mount Eerie’s The Moan) and overdubbed sung and shouted vocals (as in Bright Eyes’ A Poetic Retelling Of An Unfortunate Seduction).


  • Ben Williams (All instruments)

Mixed by Ben Williams and Louis Peckham


Throughout an unspeakable amount of time, DRON3S is once more dredged and pulled ashore to face a new adversary: exposure to the thriving information superhighway.

The project was built around thick, dron3y chords – inspiration from zoning out to an album courtesy of DJ Shadow. Watch out for that snare.

With many hands making fine, ever so fine, adjustments, augmentations and borderline experiments on this progressive, electronic collective, we(I) wish you a pleasant journey.


  • Chris Margetson (Strings, synth + drums)
  • Matt Watford (Drums)

Mixed by Chris Margetson