2nd April 2020

What’s Wrong?

Baby Husband Art

Photo provided by Baby Husband and layout by Caitlin Murphy.


Mastered by Acid Grass Records.

What’s Wrong?

What’s Wrong? follows the narrative story of being in love with someone that doesn’t love you back. “I wanted to write a song that had a chorus without lyrics as there are not always words that can be used to describe how you feel at particular times of your life” (Laura). The repetitive nature of the track imitates thoughts coming in and out of your head and overthinking situations.

Instagram and facebook @babyhusbandband


  • Laura Morrod (guitar + vocal)
  • Orla O’Rourke (violin)
  • Adam Blake (guitar)
  • Matt Watford (bass)
  • Dan Godfrey (drums)

Mixed by Liam Guest