3rd June 2020

Failing To Line b​/​w Don’t Do That Line

V1 w grain 10mb

Artwork by Ben Williams and layout by Caitlin Murphy and Louis Peckham.


Mastered by Acid Grass Records.

Failing To Line

This is a song in which I wanted to convey a frustrated sense of hopelessness in a particular situation. The situation that inspired it was a trivial matter, so the lyrics were designed to be a vague as possible.

What does it mean: “Failing to Line”? I have my own thoughts but my hope is that people who listen to form their own idea of what it means and apply it to their own “frustratingly hopeless” situation. The arrangement is simple in the best of ways to bring the mystery across. Perfect for contemplative walks.


  • Mike Heeley (vocals, guitar and xylophone)
  • Ben Williams (bass)
  • William Steed (drums)

Mixed Joffe Walters

Don’t Do That Line

In the stressful end of deadline season, we had a lesson on recording that required us to whip up a song on the spot. I threw out a chord progression which had some obvious directions and not so obvious directions and Arthur penned some lyrics and spun a wonderful melody which linked all the ideas together.

The most organic wonderful song was born and we recorded on the spot. Everyone playing added their own special identity capturing the huge positive vibe of the whole session. Two years later the drums were added to finish the track.

The final moments of the song say it all…with laughter.


  • Arthur Blandshard (vocals and lyrics)
  • Mike Heeley (rhythm guitar and composition)
  • Molly J Dilangu (backing vocals)
  • Drew Dutoit (backing vocals)
  • Ershad Alamgir (backing vocals)
  • Sam Johnson (bass)
  • Gary Mortimer (lead guitar)
  • Jude Woodhead (piano)
  • William Steed (drums)

Mixed by Michael Gatt