9th December 2020

EP 2020

AG - EP 2020 Zuzanna

Artwork and layout by Łukasz Wężyk.


EP 2020

Acid Grass is happy to present to you our last release of 2020 – Zuzanna Wężyk’s first EP. The classic guitar compliments both Zuzanna’s voice and the harmonies delivered by Joffe. This EP was a cross-continental effort between UK students and Zuzanna who arranged for the recordings to take place in Poland. We hope you enjoy Zuzanna’s and Acid Grass Records’ first EP release.


  • Zuzanna Wężyk (vocals, guitar and shaker)
  • Joffe Walters (backing vocals)
  • Wojciech Mocarski (recording and shaker)

Mixed by Louis Peckham