Visconti Studio works with guest musicians/artists/bands, sound engineers, technicians and producers. Our aims are to produce great new records (preferably working in the analogue domain), and to observe and facilitate innovative practical projects. 

Get Involved

We are looking for talented artists/bands/composers/musicians to volunteer for our masterclasses and workshops (for example, the annual Winter School). 

We are also inviting experienced producers to visit us and share their knowledge, perhaps even to use the facility in exchange for letting us observe. 

Finally, we are interested in hearing from composers/producers, sound engineers, technologists and creative practice researchers who are interested in exploring analogue recording and production techniques.

For more information contact Leah Kardos,


I’m blown away to be given this opportunity to work in the new analogue studio at Kingston University with the great Tony Visconti. I’ve long been a fan of Tony’s production, and particularly love that he is so bold when going for a sound and atmosphere. The apparent limitations of an analogue environment really suit that kind of explorative and confident approach, and I’m so looking forward to seeing what we can make in all that beautiful space.

Mary Epworth