• Winter School

Our Winter School…

Every February we host a week-long Winter School at Visconti Studio, where we invite a prominent record producer to work with an artist alongside a small team of observers/interns.

  • 2018 Winter School – Tony Visconti (producer) and Artbreak (Artist)
  • 2019 Winter School – Chris Kimsey (producer) and S.O.L Collective (Artist)
  • 2020 Winter School – Peter Walsh (producer) and TBC (artist) – we’d like to tell you but we can’t…yet! 


The rationale behind the project is that people can learn a lot more by observing, experiencing and assisting collaborative creativity in a hands-on way, rather than by merely reading or hearing about it.

Photo by Ezzi Din

During the week participants will observe / take part in a real professional recording session in-progress. They are at the centre of the creative process and get the chance to gain privileged insight into how studio-based work is collaboratively achieved. From selecting and setting up equipment, assisting sound engineering and studio operations, to working with artists and keeping the creative atmosphere positively charged, many new skills and insights into how records are made are gained.

At the end of the week-long experience participants receive Visconti Studio Winter School certification and the satisfaction that they assisted in the production of a new release, working with a group of world-class musicians and alongside a legendary figure of contemporary studio culture.

Winter School 2017: Artbreak with Tony Visconti: