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  • Anyone who hears analogue for the first time thinks, ‘Why don’t we record like this anymore’?  The sound is unmistakably better.’ Visconti Studio is dedicated to traditional values used in the modern world of recording technology.  The old and the new, together, is as good as it gets.

    Tony Visconti

  • When I came to Kingston University to find out how records were made, I never imagined I’d be learning from the person responsible for some of my favourite ones! 

    Alastair Beveridge. Student

  • I had the pleasure of spending a week recording at Visconti Studio and the results were amazing with the the help of Rob and a talented group of students every aspect of the octagonal room’s acoustics were exploited and explored. 

    Chris Porter, Producer

  • As a composer who’s practice has always sought to create an analogue and reverse-engineered aesthetic in my work, I couldn’t be more thrilled for the rare opportunity to work with authentic, physical analogue equipment under the guidance of a master at the art – Tony Visconti himself, an experience I will treasure with pride.

    George Reid. Student

  • This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only are we able to record with analogue recording equipment which is a rare thing in a modern studio, but we have one of the true masters of the era to show us the best ways of using it. 

    Mike Bridge. Student